Ersatz-11 emulated disks

Ersatz-11 uses a flexible device-independent interface to allow any supported physical block device type to emulate any supported PDP-11 block device type. Each unit is defined using a simple one-line MOUNT command in the E11.INI initialization text file. Units may also be added, removed, reassigned, or displayed at any time using the pop-up E11 command prompt, without needing to stop and restart PDP-11 emulation. Bootstraps for all bootable block devices are built in to Ersatz-11's BOOT command.

Physical PC block devices:

Emulated PDP-11 block devices:

dev name controller types drive types
DB: RH11, RH70 RP04/RP05/RP06 pack drives
DC: RC11 RS64 fixed-head disks
DD: DL11 TU58 DECtape II
DF:/RF: RF11 RS11 fixed-head disks
DK:/RK: RK11D RK02, RK05 front-loading cartridge drives
DL: RL11[1], RLV11, RLV12 RL01, RL02 top-loading cartridge drives
DM: RK611[2] RK06, RK07 top-loading cartridge drives
DO: (virtual) Ersatz-11 interface to host file system (for DO.SYS/DOS.TSK)
DP: RP11C RP02, RP03 pack drives
DR: RH11, RH70 RM02/RM03/RM05 pack drives, RM80/RP07 Winchesters
DS: RH11, RH70 RS03/RS04 fixed-head disks
DT: TC11 TU55/TU56 DECtape
DU: UDA50, RQDX3, RQZX1 RA60, RA70-73, RA80-82, RA90/92, RC25, RD31-32, RD50-54,
RX33/RX50 MSCP disks
DX: RX11, RXV11 RX01 8" SS SD floppy
DY: RX211, RXV21 RX02 8" SS DD floppy
HD: (virtual) Ersatz-11 hypothetical disk with simplified interface (for HD.SYS)
PD: RXT11 RX01 8" SS SD floppy (PDT-11/150 microcomputer)
[1] "RL211" was used as a marketing name in systems with RL02 drives, but is the identical controller to the RL11
[2] "RK711" was used as a marketing name in systems with RK07 drives, but is the identical controller to the RK611

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