Ersatz-11 emulated tapes

As with disks, Ersatz-11 uses a flexible device-independent interface to allow any supported physical tape device type to emulate any supported PDP-11 tape device type. E11's BOOT command includes support for tape drives, and using a compatible SCSI drive, the emulated PDP-11 can even be booted directly from original DEC operating system distribution tapes. The paper tape bootstrap emulates the absolute loader and can boot from ".LDA" files.

Physical PC sequential devices:

Emulated PDP-11 sequential devices:

dev name controller types drive types
CT: TA11 TU60 DECassette dual cassette tape
DD: DL11 TU58 DECtape II, see block devices
DT: TC11 TU55/TU56 DECtape, see block devices
MM: RH11/RH70 + TM03 TE16, TU45, TU77 Massbus magtape drives
MS: TS11, TSU05/TSV05, M7454, TQK25 TS04, TS05, TU80, TK25 magtape drives
MT: TM11 TS03, TU10 magtape drives
MU: KLESI, TQK50, TQK70 TU81, TK50, TK70 TMSCP tapes
PR:/PP: PC11 PC04 high speed paper tape reader/punch

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